If you were here my day would glare
I would hold your smooth and kind hand
beside me, you would be closely aware
of the footsteps together we print in the sand.

I would fill your smiling face with flower’s scent
with my tears of salted sea
I caress your chin with all I spent
in years of my lonely dreams for thee.

I sit on the shaded ground of life and death
my arms around your warm waist
In the night’s slowly, whispering breath
I can feel your lips, your taste.

Morning comes, I carry you over sorrow’s meadows
when the sunrise lift the pearling mist
my dreams of you, vapouring in damp shadows
I know by then that you don’t exist.

If you only were here I could touch you
I would know your curly hair
I would recognize your eyes so blue
I would feel your countenance so fair.

©kerstin centervall


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