Why Me.(in the Verse Cycle To You)

Who is the One, that bring the fire
burning in my veins,
Who is the One, that turn my mind
lavishing my dreams into fairytales
Who is the One, that look upon me
like You did, on a new appearing sight.

I found myself in the glare of your eyes
that part of your soul, you shared,
That light you cast upon my face
strongly digging into my delicate skin
running through bones and marrow
opened all crying senses for delight.

In the dreams you made me your bride
whispering your words close to my ears
leaving your breath on my cheek
stroke a lock of my hair away,
in your own manner, and in total silence
like a soft breeze that touched my neck
with a tender kiss.

Oft I wonder, Who is the One, and Why me,
You just chose me like a flower confused of her mate
You took me, You followed me disguised,
You fought, you broke all bonds and woes
You definitely caught our subconscious desire,
binding the two of us and our dreams together.

June 2018 ©k.c.