Wishing To Be.( In the verse cycle TO YOU)

Let me be a flower in the early spring
all of different arts and kinds
a white and tender daisy to pick in the green turves
a colourful tulip, a delicate rose or a daffodil
only for your eyes, for the perfumed scent
to catch your senses and your mind.

Let me be the light that put a smile on your lips
which gives that glow of beauty around your mouth,
that shimmers on your soft skin in the falling rain
in brilliance, inviting thy good wicked spirit
and in the late stream of a dying moon
staying, and forever and ever last .

Let me be the wind that tousled your hair
that winged my sighs to thaw the frozen sea
that quickly wiped all pains away
and in the light breeze tumbling around
your strongest feelings, your wisely turn of mind
singing tunefully, swarming around you
like a Bumble bee.

Let me be the breathe you consider as your own,
your conscience, your hope your trust
Your every day of humbleness and grace
Your every moment of joy, your utmost prime of lust.
Let me be the finest intarsia of your mind
the rich flood, that bare your lively heart.

Let me end as the dearest embrace to your chest
as the silent whisper of your name
as the wet kiss that lasted for ever
in brilliance and in the shimmer of the falling rain.

©March 2018 k.c.