Love a fervent fire .
( In the Verse Cycle To You)

My thoughts, so often in disorder
my reasons I’m blowing on your mind.
Unique is the feeling of passion
that alone will consume thyself
but in both of us, it’s glowing plainly
following the pliant fire of love.

My hours, organized by someone, centuries ago
knocked me into a guarded being
In where I signed a confident agreement
entrusted the will of my heart
that runs in the blood, holding as a pledge
in where I only could be with you.

My mornings are a vision in lavender-blue,
in pink and grey foggy clouds
A fragrance, stirring the will to win your grace
before the eyes shifted and softened your leniency,
in purity and beauty designed, inspiring,
the apparent amusement for perfection.

In time, I wasn’t anybody I wasn’t anything
until you lifted your ever lust and sensibility
when you got the embers growing again
that burnt my eyes, my complexion, by your sight
You are unfolding the napkins nicely for my tears
inviting me to your bouncing chest.

None could find the three old pines in the valley
or the third presence of a place in my heart
but with delicate moves you woke the slumber
and for a short moment, you touched the core,
whispering, to the inevitable closeness of ours
shaping, my fragility into a divine moment .

March the 4th ©k.c.