YSTAD the small city in Norden and its cultural value

One of the old Half-Timbered farming houses in the small city of Ystad. Southern Sweden . (Aquarelle Painting)
YSTAD the small city in Norden and its cultural value
None of the Nordic cities can show such historic buildings as in The Southern small town of Ystad.
More than 300 houses built in Half- Timbered framework, showing us an early Middle aged life, a great amount of more than any other city in Europe can come up with.
Many of the old houses were built already during the Hanseatic time. After Absalom in the 11the century, an agreement was settled between the Bishop of Roskilde and the Arch Bishop of Lund and peace in the area could finally become a reality. In the 13th century,Saint Maria church, Ystad’s oldest building and one of Skåne’s oldest brick churches was built. Ystad was mentioned for the first time in 1244 when King Erik and his brother Abel visited the town.
The city of Ystad belonged during a long time (in the 14th century) to Sweden under the reign of the Union Queen Margaret. All old houses are still a living milieu in the City. The Center of the city has its origin from the time it was founded within the Three big Ports, The North, The Western and the Eastern Port.
Still important parts of the city of Ystad for business and shopping and of a high cultural value.