To Know,
Poem no 3 ( from the Verse Cycle “To You”)

If everybody I know were pure minded like you ,
in honest, beauty and truth
My muse could undoubtedly stay behind
sleeping or resting for a long while.
Patiently shaping of things to come.
Turning to another voice.

In order of all beauties law
I follow the rules of sweetness said,
I dig deep trenches in the field of lust
changing the way of my love to you
while staying so short, In the few moments,
Between life and death.

You are my sorrows, my grievance,
you are my shallow breathing
you are the first morning, lighting up my way
You are the sheer cliff to climb, when my heart hurts
of tempting love reigning in the night
Sore, but beautifully alluring.

Many are the heatherclad moors on which we stumble
when staying close, although being out of reach.
Our pitiful hearts with much of pain enlarged
our heated blood, that pride deserves,
Make us believe to die like a faded rose.,
Alone, white and bleached.

Many are the shades of roses, Many the unknown shrines
that fill my senses with a dust of your fragrance
making my sad chest to burn and shine
giving lustre to my thin and skinny hands
profoundly touching my most secret intimacy
Just for knowing…, feeling, being thine.

February 2018