Over barren fields
Poem no 2 (To You)

When frozen buds in pain are bursting
my thoughts are flowing over barren fields
buried are the sacred memories,
the seed, awarded with future prize
now resting in dark and deep furrows,
the All, from my heart bereft.

Here lie my treasures, my dreams,
my beauties and my means
in where all fruits of my ripe living,
my many sufferings, my woes, are mourning
and in the testing moments of our beings
shed tears, and passion for us both .

The cunning Cupid worries me
with artifice and spell-bound design
intoxicating my longing lips with fragility
entertaining made-up hopes for ardent love
Just in that blue hour before sunset,
that force my heart to jump in glory.

Now flows the blood in wildness again,
now screams the marrow in my bones,
and every nerve is trembling, so light,
like the breath of a single dragon-fly,
although, could any man of high a mind,
feel my grievous moans and sighs.

Now turn the shades of the bleached candles,
now glows a new spark in the dying fire,
returning from a painful interlude,
is the high spirit of my will,
my cravings…the height of my desire,
I yield in front of your brow…I bow,
for the sensation of the love I acquire.

January 2018 ©k.c.