To You.

To You, presenting to me all the reasons
to your lips of scarlet drops that I kiss
to You, the one, that burn my senses
in the fluctuating wind of every season.

To You, whose heart belongs to none, but me
to You, for giving colour to my bleached cheeks
to You, to your breath on my winter window
making frozen roses to a longing feast.

To You, who make my feeble mind aware
to You, to your fervent fingers´ touch
to You, untying my hair from the glossy ferret
over my naked shoulders, glaring in the light.

To You, for every step and every movement
to You, to the image of your Self
to You ,to the temptation in your secret face
to your gentleness your mildness, love and grace.

To You, that know the many miracles,
to You, to the fever in your eyes
to You, that light a new star for every day
shedding lustre over my being, asking me to stay.

Jan 2018 ©k.c.