Såsom en dag, då mörkret faller tungt i dunkla skyar.

In such a day,
When dullness heavily falling in darkened clouds
So is my presence in this moment,
when much of sorrows have oppressed my brow
digging deep lines in my face,
cutting sore in where all beauty lived
My heart is weakened
useless and disgraced.

In such a day,
To be ashamed of denying love
when I myself, I am by love engaged,
when a breeze is messing up my hair
the winter sun is making crinkle up my eyes
that can’t be a reason for that mortal look
perhaps a grimace towards the light
showing the moss-grown motif of rage.

In such a day,
I get these vivid images, appearing,
like a smile out of antic sculptures,
cut in white marble, still holding their arms
around each other in a fastened grip,
not aware of sin or any other struggle
that is soaking their bodies into nothing,
dissolving the paste of a descent culture.

In such a day,
I find myself in a trance, how should I walk,
on this narrow street with stones of worth,
so seldom seen and for my eyes now placed
I don’t dare to question my silly thoughts.
I stay like a bewitched slave, waiting for solace,
for comfort on the threshold of wisdom,
that tread on a string, those pearls
I will need for laying out a new garden.

30th of December 2017.