So am I now in this late season
when winter makes my heart trembling
and my thoughts give me the shudders
my fingers cramping in your palm
while my mind persisting to hold
my frozen desire.

So is this moment that keeps you
so close to my chest
stirring my blood to sickness
in the torrid stream of passion
while now crawling into maturity
to be crowned by love.

So is the dullness to be forgotten
the sadness, trespassing as a sin
trying to interfere, to conquer
the sight of thy hungry eyes
In which I know the truth, that is
breaking and extinguish all sorrows.

So is the entire perfection of your breed
your foremost power to grow the seed
to give a fully shape of love’s delight
to moisten the joy with our tears.

Bind the arms that hold us together
and give homage to our senses
burning for ever .

©k.c. Dec. 2017