Dispelling the thoughts of my own being
disguise the disorder of my dreams
I swept on the wings of destiny
far, far away among the leaves
that never know about weariness
about fear or penalty.

Crossed on my chest is a steel spring
that hold my heart in prison
closed is the root of my tongue
that none can hear my whispers
the heavy stonework on my skull
making my mind sore, I am a child…

Shimmering are the eyes that follow me
that cast upon my head, a Light
that give me the sun and the moon
letting me walk in a garden
of April’s first bloom
shining, thousand and upon thousands of nights.

Golden is the sand between my toes
The crown of the high, waving oaks
golden are the tender arms that hold me
the whispering sound in my ears
the elegant feeling of soft fingers
drying my eyes, my tears.

Stealing from the figure of my beloved
since first I saw you, so fresh so proud
my heart today is kind, tomorrow kind
in wondrous thoughts, is my open mind.
Though love is often quenched and live alone
without varying of my words, I am to you
a child for ever confined.

©oct.2017 k.c.