All the way I track along

Could I dream to be the lonely raindrop
that falls from the painter’s brush
and where I shock the pictured image
never drying, but falling down
on the grace of your mind
that has a window open to your eyes.

Could I dream to be the murmuring sound
that draw a shape of your motion
the moment when my bosom laid so still
and for a while had paralyzed my twisted heart
now in a mournful song to be found,
through all my hidden emotions.

Could I dream to be the slow, the peaceful breathe
mounted on the resting wind
running with a fresh, but mighty stream
of dark but gentle clouds
floating for long, in mid-air
and become your breath your needs.

Could I dream of being the steps behind you
straining like a leaf to hold on to the branch
and as a light I strike your hidden face,
unaffected of my closeness, I hold you tenderly,
a touch you never been exposed to
And you will know me, as the ever spirit of ages .

©k.c. October 2017