For the means of Love.

As time goes by my love is strengthened
hard in understanding
slow and still but never numb,
strong as always I greet the smell of delight
sometimes as the wondrous pace
in fair kind and truth
that seems so right.

My love might be confined to growth
to that growth that shaking the senses
like shadows, falling off in autumn,
sighing heavily, for the sensation of
the mind, when reaching the closeness
the symbol, of possession I aim for.

Sweet is my love as our first meeting
as the excellence of your soft voice,
the fairest shedding of tears
when words are stiffened in your throat,
your arms and legs become numb
of the sparkled feeling, I invented .

My love for you is waiting to be praised,
to be settled as a constant presence
in your blood your heart and awareness.
For what I’m running through the deep water
for what I steal all figures on the frozen ice
And burning myself in the flaming fire.

Sept. 2017 ©k.c.