Michael & Inessa Garmash - (1)

Long is the waiting time.

Long is the waiting time
the absence of rich pleasure
stiff and freezing cold
are the veins of my blood.
Sore are my eyes of darkened days,
that dimmed and awful shade .

Following I am the fleeting waves
abundant of my wanted heights
raised by antique manners
and designed for the soft breeze
of a tranquil disposition
belonging to my dearly beloved.

Swept away with the fog I yield
yonder of the youthful resistance,
sipping the delicate and blazing prize
that cover the head, of my love
laying down my hair on the pillow
embellished in that prudish night.

The teeming beauty, with rich grace,
known as well as famous
assenting intimately our request
with a delightful satisfaction
clothing our needs in passion
and bearing the wounds of our prime.

Long is the waiting time.

Sept 2017 ©k.c.
Photo Oil-painting by Michael and Inessa Garmash