All Time I have.

In lustre I walk , I pace my slowly step.
My burning chest is hurrying up
the blood forcing through my veins
with a bouncing pulse, on my neck
and your arms are so far to reach.

In moments I live, In short moments I am
no words or thoughts were meant to ask
and not so seldom I was dismayed
anguished over my trust,
over passion that hastily passed.

I remain in a glimpse among shadows
consider myself far beyond the past
grasping for your closeness
a dreary waste of youthful energy
and such priceless treasure
that never last .

In light and darkness, In the starry sky,
that lovely gaze that hold your cheek your eyes
I cry for your being, to feel your breath on my neck
for your slowly turn to my longing.

In this very moment, In the dawn of morning
before the Sea wakes up, that can my love excuse
chained to myself, I whisper; Come,
Come my dear,
All Time I have is just for you.

©August 2017 k.c.