Lend me your hand.

Lend me your hand in this uncommon occasion
lend me your hand for my impatient being
for my sometimes violent but kind emotions
when I struggle without any assistance.

Lend me your hand,
with a light surprise I hastened in pleasantry
and not long is the desired effect of my merge.
My face confronted in astonishment
wondering why the wind has blown you here.

Lend me your hand,
lead me and bring me to the sound of thy heart,
listening to my breath, melting my air in your mouth
and in an instant poured out a moment filled with my spirit.

Lend me your hand,
take my thoughts, that often rush away
with the image of your presence
with burning cheeks, ties of blood
with the motion of your heart.

Lend me your hand,
In shame and modesty I will be content
in my vague sadness called vemod
which follows me, deep inside my bones
all the time for the feast of thy scent.

August 2017 ©k.c.