Take my Heart and take my Life

Take my heart and take my life
bring me over clouds in vapour of the mist
sweeping in an endless space of myths
and in the wind I know for ever sighing.

I will believe the wind to hide my life
the part that comes of hard distress
and the only part of grace that here lies
to be termed for the true poet’s child.

In fresh and a new earthly touch
lives wisdom, growing in your face
cold and folly will gradually cease
to die among the high and ancient trees.

Take my life my heart to numbers of desire
bring me to yourself, to your high esteem
but still I cannot value life in only that
or to praise myself for Natures gift.

The bounteous greatness is for you to give
that lies open in the scar of my chest
and in the rhyme of my shy tongue
lives the truth pure-hearted designed.

July 2017 k.c.