The Night after Midnight

A rare thing, exceptionally rising
to appraise the Lady of morning dew
The naked body, deep asleep, unaware cruising
through times of reality and moments of fantasy.

Yet, I have left my own mind of reason
and you have taught me the secret of life
that surely should have last for ever
if not the lapse of time so fast away would run.

The finest moments unlock the new days
when we create new memories to our hearts
new power of the blood rushing in temptation
to the empty space we left to fall apart…

In every corner of my life, you are…
In the lightness, your voice, in the darkness, your breath
your smell from the tenderly moving willow trees,
tempting me to enter the garden of lemon fragrance.

I seek among the flying winds, passing me,
for my still lonely times, my hours of trust in deep silence
that speak of my Desire, Beauty and Passion
in which I breathe and exist to praise
The Night after Midnight.

July 2017 ©k.c.