Beginning of purple summer

Absent from my dreams.

Absent from my dreams I slowly return to
Leaving thy safe bosom, and fly.
Days and Nights, a journey among the sweet daises
that kissed the summer heated meadows with a sunny blaze
and in what my silent mind deserves.

Staying still in Love and Peace, my spirit is free.
And a ceremony of a new life will arouse,
lifting the sky and the flaming wind.

The red shining branches waving furiously
roaming thereto, high and anxious,
while the leaves vanish and toiling to hold on.

Convinced by the wind, to turn my will,
my mind to struggle for the close feeling
of your safe bosom that owns me,
I count the daises one by one for inducement
that dreams are not a creation of the mind
but life’s own wonders
beyond understanding and awareness.

©June 2017 k.c