As A Whirlwind.

As a whirlwind in a constant chaos

my thoughts will aspire to thee

breaking the chains around my feet

to run for my sincere freedom

in the most beautiful of landscapes

where also you and your heart are engraved

in every simple stone on the ground.


I know your fidelity your tenderness

from the passage of the birds ,

migrating and returning home again

and thus, also you will be seen

on the green meadows, where to smile,

to forget the tears and sorrows

and to heat my heart.


I know you will find the roots of anguish

your face still turning into a tender radiance

and shadows bringing happiness to your eyes

that weep afresh, by the tempting Beauty

leading you with her secret speech

Home, that place, founded in love

and where all tortured sorrows end.


I  know the remains of my ancestor’s house

burned into ashes, so long ago

unhappiness, the talking eyes,

the sound of defeat, lived in that walls

and I would be nobody, but a Whirlwind

if not my deep belief in You brought me Home

on the same wings as the birds ´.

April 2017 ©k.c.