The First of Mayflower and Beda Hallberg
Wishing all a great new month of May. I am sure it will be
a lovely time.

The Mayflower ( Earlier called The First of May flower) is an artificial flower to pin on your clothes. It is sold in Sweden, Finland Norway and Estonia.
The flower started its journey already in 1907 initiated by the woman Beda Hallberg who succeeded in creating a broad engagement also in many other countries,
and for the benefit of the poor and sick people. The first flowers were sold in benefits of the tuberculosis patient in Gothenburg, but the idea was soon spread like a fire in the whole country and also abroad. When the decease of tuberculosis could be cured and people be saved the countries abroad stopped selling the flower. However Sweden never stopped and some other countries are still united in this subject.
The dear Lady Beda Hallberg was internationally known and honoured and became the second Woman in Sweden who got a stately pension on lifetime for creating and developed
the work and organisation, that was fighting for the sick and poor people. In those days certainly a great need.

The first of May 2017