The Testing Time of Spring.


And when I feel the insidious scars

on the thin surface of my skin

when many far-off cold winters

have tired my brows to tears

cutting trenches in my youth

wherein all beauty lies

before we turn into weed.


And when I reached my slumbering mind

freshened up some reminiscence from past

I found, a simple but out bursting sigh,

is more evident, more divine and more alive

than the most precious thing I sought for,

and grieve of grievous thoughts, now gone

now vanished from my sight.


And how and when I sometimes run

so far away, so foreign from my heart

where troubled shame and wasteful woes

lie hidden in deep temptations,

I know, that beauteous, fair and alone

will be set out again, like smiles

from the great tenderness

of other hearts, bleeding just for me.


April 2017 ©k.c.