Only the Heart knows

Painful it is to abandon the idle purpose,
lead it astray, to wither in frosty air
or when your choked breath is dying out
like a streak of flying, twittering birds
heading into nothing and perish.

Painful it is to slowly grow in twitching light
seeing yourself turning, a creature of impulse
to a grown diamond, still rough and untouched.
To not recognize your own steps
when following yourself of yesterday.

Painfully, I came in languishing luminosity
I break the fetter of ironed imprints
listen to every moment, enclosed in surprises
And the greatest secrets, always hidden
with loveliness, rising in the wind.

With the tips of my fingers
I slowly lifted the veil to my mind.
Dressing her like a strong conductor
that praiseworthy adorn the coming overture
exploding the means into shining prisms
and praise every spiritual needs.

I watch, with glittering eyes, the world around me,
I build a Monument with pillars of Magic
with an infinite beauty of noble songs
that secretly feeble into silence,
while my nature growing dense of wonders
From where, only the heart knows.

March. 2017 ©k.c.