Close is the short instinctive blink

between the blue stream of daylight

and the red shimmer of the waiting sunset

make your eyes see or be blind,

with lingering shadows on your eyelids .


I want to know the reason, that bears the truth

about life’s inscrutable happiness

and the reason that carries unhappy roots

of boundless doubts.

The misguided pathless wandering in lies

that lead the stumbling steps of awareness.


I feel the embrace of your close and smiling lips

the puzzling impertinence in your speech,

distinguished are both, far from closeness.

Alone they escape from your heavy sigh

when luminous lightings heavily strike.


In the arms of each other, our bodies retire to dreams

in a short but mysterious understanding

and close is our mind of engraving senses

obeying each other in things of great and small.

and I have to make my choice, to rule my desires and will.


Close is the deep necessity, our thirst and hunger

of a dazzling love and fortune

in the vapour of an intensifying solace

we are tightly holding our hands, our breath

in the wonder of excitement, finding

so Close we are, between the beginning

and the end…


Febr. 2017 k.c.