To where I ever go.

To where I ever go,
I will be close to you
I feel you , in every shiver of the leaves
in every sense of the flighty wind
in every flame of the burning fire
in every ripple of the waves.

To Nature, I was given in thousand wreaths
of dangling water-smoke
that chilled the rosy shadows behind me
that kissed the mystic change of my blood
and made thy presence glow
like sunny tears from the depth
of divine and happy morns.

Keep the sweet sound, in where I am
in the bumble bees´ murmuring
in the children’s call for seeing
the blind stars, still shining in darkness
and the flakes of fire
in the twilight of the old Gods .

In myriads of purple height and cold
I rise and come for Love,
while Love is the pillared throne
of my heart and not the purpose
to be swept in gloomy air
cause Love is always fearlessly worn
on the shoulders of a proud woman.