And here I am in the early morning

missing the oath of courtesy.

So fair from our first day of love

so far beyond my all imagination

that was burning in the still haven

a forgotten sweetness in peace and rest.


I cherished each thing saved in my happy eyes

the exceeding glare of dawn

a fluttering wind, a momentary breath

opening the young day’s heart,

and you stood ready leading me in the frosty air

to the hills and slopes now glistening wet.


And how I cherished the sound of a thin voice

that vanished as soon as heard

among the thrifty shades of time, a stifled throat

that suffered of vanity and nothingness,

but like the finest pearl’s appearance though,

with a crystal sublimity, that touched and rejoiced.


And how in a short lightening glimpse

My Muse of thoughts and care speaks

a motion in my heart a flicker of the pulsing blood

when from a song she is reasoning about love

seducing my passion with an uncontrolled stirring,

She delivers a bewildered exultation into my mind.


And here you are in the veil of my thin dress

My Muse, looking at me with your compassion

bringing sweet light into the young day’s heart

your gentle thoughts into my puzzled ignorance

freshen the naivety of newly awaken desires

a burning flower of inner sublimation.


Dec. 2016 k.c.