And when the veil of the night is gone

how beautifully my sight would cross the clouds

rushing to heaven like a radiant beam

approaching your profound, your wide arena

the place of deep boldness, your lonely pride

of nobody heard and nobody seen .


How high my pursuing passion would tread

over an endless space, of time bygone

and the Ocean with increasing waves

would drown my mind my thoughts

silently, as the passive sinking bark

and any of my living breath.


How beautifully I would have found

your still unruffled personality

mild as your dreams in innocence,

speaking in its own loveliness

deeply buried behind your unfretted brows

and dark eyes like a pale sunset.


The veil of the night is gone

resting is my tired sight

my bedecking smile of the radiant beam

will last for many a nights

my lips lay still caught in loveliness

of thy solemn apparition, everlasting

behind the clouds, refined and sublime.


August 2016. ©k.c.

Photo borrowed from my friend

Gianluca Sanfratello