The short moment we Live.


She is the shortest moment of your existence

a flickering light, appearing in your life only once

after all, her song is a wound, but clinging

immortalized, It cannot be owned

imperceptibly growing fainter

but loved, and cherished again and again.


She has seen your sisters loathing

when their injured wings didn’t lift

and helpless they fall to the ground,

while She now steal back every lost feather

and with her trembled body flying

free and unbound.


It’s in the dewy morning She might hide

in the rustling wind of the wet leaves

like a loom, scared, lamenting

over  the wild surface of the river

She refuses to be a victim

or to wither in her own destiny.


In touching her and limit her hunger

your love must be a boundless gift

exalted like a restless myth

like sheets of nature didn’t exist

you must bear her short life, adrift

in void of all doubts and without any rest.


Meanwhile as in the frosty season

She needs the freedom of the horizon,

She is your last shiver, your Aurora light,

She is the breath of a magical sleep,

Touch the space between your shoulder

and you will feel the edge of her flight


August 2016 ©k.c.