Sunny silence


If  on your way you should meet her

don’t be afraid or run away

She is a delicate creature

filled of metamorphosis

and she may be volatile.

Force yourself to hold her gently

counting the moments

by the flutter of her heart.


She is the one never to deceive you

enchanted you may found her

but never possessed.

She knows the song of the nightingale

of sorrows of violence and survival,

sometimes misunderstood while

her spirit yields to none

but she can’t exist without you.


She is Grace, and also Fury alike

powerful and regretting

withering into subjugation

but rises, always rises into

the inherent virtues personified,

in a million tiny moments

that will last and encompass

a lifetime.


July 2016 ©k.c.

Photo, Oil painting Sunny Silence by Vladimir Volegov.