I have buried my roots deep in the fertile soil

where now remains of my love ones lay

marked with a simple stone

and now and then

some flowers for remembrance.


It’s here I have gone with my thoughts

my burden, my horrifying fear

that haunted me for many a night

when I dreamt myself out from my window

walking over green shades of the curled grass.


Inhaling the pleasant smell of summer

like wistful epistles

to be tossed about by the light breeze

and flickering light smiling,

I move, with an affectionately mental ride.


I rise above all my expectations

above all virtues from my birth

and from the hand taken away from me

as a gift of life, which should have been mine

to a forever, and ever, that never exists.


Today convinced about the strength of science

which faced me with a strong smile

sponsored my intelligence, my personality

to an unlimited happiness of today

tutored me to be proud and grateful.


May 2016. ©k.c.