Let my open heart be your pillared hall
that stands with glare in front of you,
my senses to be your summerhouse
for the stormy wind that shakes your mind.

Let my eyes be the twinkling stars
that guided you through herbs of wisdom
and that you lowered your gaze to your feet
where mildness grows in the lime tree.

Let my ears be the hearing courage,
that listen and noticed the thunder in your breast,
and could detect the danger before exploding
while shadows lurking behind your neck.

Let my memories, my yesterday,
be some lustful emotions, following your dreams
lucid moments in the month of the moon
loving tenderness to stroke on your cheek.

Lips that blossom by your nearness
passionately shivering of your sigh
and if a bound of degree to this grace,
or a whisper, the slightest motion made,
I would forever and ever be thine.

April 2016 ©k.c.