Dream My Love, Dream

Much I’ve travelled over light and clouds
swimming in every planet,
now fades the last long streak of doubts
the maze of every bells from a distance.

Now drowned the mounted wind
I feel in tears and sorrows,
that plague my sore eyes my cheek
my fragile senses, with crime and woes.

My dream lies in your labouring breast,
a breath fringed with fire
my hope of unaccomplished years
I hold, keeping safe, while I lay my hand
over your lucid chest.

I capture the strength of noble range
that beams in beauty through thy skin
your heart so sad, that never cried before
I dress in an April daffodil.

That’s why I tell you my Love to Dream,
with all my unrested motions
my breath so calm and still
breeding love, for thy pure means
exposing my aching spirit,

to be swept in thy will.


April 2016 ©k.c.