I hear my name that’s calling from my soul

the passport for my fate and fortunes

the tendency of my fate, to set me free

and of the fortunes to set a fire.


Those have been my teachers, stern and wild

of passion led of morbid zeal, minuteness,

each breath of emotion painfully sensitive

fretting of unhealed wounds

of somewhat that was broken.


My conscience may find it hard

to strike the inscrutable balance

on the dreary path of an enemy

that although finally would show

a new life of affection and sympathy.


Still there is the high but ruined wall

of power, of evil, of  false believers

that would win over the weak ones,

doomed and condemned they are,

without values, and without their God.


The decision once made for my fortune

a glow of passion and desire

a flickering brightness of my fate

that rested over my closed eyes,

just escaped from the dungeon of my heart

realizing, that it is:

Only a sigh between life and death.




23rd of April 2016