Sorry for my embittered state of mind. However I wish you all a wonderful week.


Speech, only speech, flying like a leaf
in the light Summerwind
whirling around with the finest words
gripping my senses, lifting me above the sky,
above the sodden grass,
where I have seen the morning pass.
Here I met those sad eyes evoking me to cry
with a well of tears forcing forth
making my cheek my skin red and blushing
but still soft and sweet of fragrance
as from a newly ripe peach.

Speech, speech, the fine words don’t stay forever
No, throwing me insensibly off
that white and innocent sky
no longer resting on the fresh wind
all tears will dry ,
losing the words to only a sigh in the cruel desert,
mordacious, burned into corns of sand,
numbing the throat and stiffened the tongue
which never more will carry those words
with tears  and hope for the people I love .

April 2016. ©k.c.