There is a silence, not knowing any sounds
a place of silence, never meant to be
dressed in threads of desolation
It lies within you, mute and profound.
A deep silence nobody heard about
although a passionless sea
a never ending battleground.

It’s here you can hide in your loneliness
your blows and bruises to heal
hard lashing, flames of steel
that curled your lips in bitterness and pain
until you have closed and locked
that door of petrifying scorn
again and again.

In days and years, over an endless space
unstirred by any touch of a living breath
you’ve quenched every thoughts of delight
behind and under the mantle of solace,
and in your stiffened face
more and more grief is cutting your skin
open the border of expected violence.

In that silence, with sounds, totally unknown
you could find the very core of yourself
but forgot your bedecking smile
the renewal of shimmer and light in your eyes
that’s speaking out in dreams of its own innocence,
carrying your life in loveliness to the world again
knowing, that every beholder’s heart will listen to your sighs .