I lift the level of my eyes
I break the silence from a frozen sky
I crush the seeds of judgement in my mind
the lines well written I touch,
like an unusual passage in a play.

I search for the false understanding
well hidden, coloured, but disgraced
when found to be of no common sense
the way of being sold for self-respect
shown to be only a delusion.

I was told that only that way
could lead to a pure and deep love
living as yourself, a soloist
with a dagger in your heart, never bleeding
or exposing any defence.

Some days have come for solidity
a solidity with no skin or bone
the heat has burned down into ashes
followed the winds in pink plumes
trembling in my frightened moans.

The lifelong deception, the barrier
between falsehood and truth, a sound wave
of vital, decisive importance
enticing, alluring you
to a price not worthy of my womanly life.

January 2016 ©k.c.