I adore you, in all beauties range
I adore you when summer
into autumn change
when days being shorter
footsteps lightly print the ground
among the leaves some crispy sound.

I adore you, in all exalted smiles
I adore the laugh that spoke
to my vague mind
the voice, that suppressed the roaring wind
and sang like a fieldfare in the gale of spring.

I adore you, in all the nightly shed
I adore you when all
the blossom flush of life is fled
when all pain is weeping until morn
your silent tongue in shyness born.

I adore you, more than all in thoughts I can rise
I adore you for what your heart
feel and prize
I adore the holy moments, you let me know
that in our love we urge life to grow.
I just adore you.

October 2015. k.c.