We meet and Part

We meet and we part.
Passing each other on our road
bumpy and hard, is the tide
tiring our nerves to a misery
and numbing the strongest soul.

We meet and part again.
Sharing a part of each others heart
kissing the cheeks in our fly
while our fingertips touch the air
around our necks,
sweeping away, Life’s betray.

We meet and part all days.
In sweet growing balms of almond
we write our names together
on the thresholds to our dreams,
of luck for the power of
staying in the fields of happiness.

We meet and part again.
Yet hold me forever as thine
Carry me among the rosy shadows
that I slowly turn into a crimson bud
growing for thy presence
and before the portal of your senses…

October 2015 ©k.c.