“I am living at a place for rest” by Hjalmar Gullberg

Translation by Kerstin Centervall

I am living at a place for rest
narrow, surrounded by the Sea
an open hand of a wild rose and sizzling grass
open or close itself.
Here is the end of the map over my land
it’s utmost cape.

A place for rest also for mankind
To bathe and to live with.
made for higher meanings than so
cause over my head an autostrada is build
A way to travel to the South
the oldest in the Blue Sea.

The way in Autumn for the moving birds
and in Spring the eternal retreat
here is the bow of the resting place
touching the bushes of roses
of the heron and the goldcrest from prehistoric time.

A piece of the beach only with the low grass
as the birds chose in their song of pilgrimage
I am living under the way to paradise
Oh, to live to a sound from wings and to die within a song.