Lesson no 2.

Lyric poetry has often been mentioned as short texts, but to this we have some
very good example in the most famous of the English speaking language of
John Milton´s “Paradise Lost” reaching over many hundreds of pages.
It is therefore important to underline that Lyric, not always is to be considered
as poetry… No one can deny that Paradise Lost has much of a lyric form, but
the most significant sign is the Epic form and story telling poem.
The second is that the poem has not that closeness from the writer to the
receiver as we connect with Lyric Poetry. The third argument about Paradise Lost is that it can’t be considered as Lyric Poem with that length.

Edgar Allen Poe was the poet and author who claimed that lyric poetry should be short, and this is a relatively new view of lyric poetry.
The convention telling that the lyric poem should be short is very problematic in
many fundamental ways.
We are in the romantic genre of poetry using many long stories as in Esias Tegner´s (The tale of Fritiof) and still it is the musicality and the visibility and the lyrical closeness between the writer and what is written which have the most important aspects.

Novalis (pseudonym for Georg Philipp Friedrich Leopold von Hardenberg)
A German writer and Poet often called (the Prophet of Romanticism) have given us an idea of the fact that a poet is obsessed by the language and Novalis theory about the language, which according to him should have a life of its own. He tought that a writer is neglecting his own power of the words and letting himself
be led of the language and also the French poet Stephane Mallarme underlined in his Essay “Crise de Verse” that writing is mostly a work with words.

And here I must stop for today.. NOT agreeing with either Novalis or Mallarme and NOT denying either.. The words are fascinating and taking also me into some sort of possession.

©kerstin centervall