I feel a wind from Earth’s imagined corner blow
where you in silent voice of harmony is lost
your body labours, your spirit flows
for reaching me, my arising love you cross.

You find in all the scattered words of mine
the pleasured bounds for thee to shelter
of my temptation you will be a shrine
in which our passionate dreams will welter.

In all abundance of your grace and flair
the unbinding happiness will follow
my woes to you my sweet breath, my air
in feverish hours we delightedly wallow.

All precious things in you I manifest
I save them from evil and violence
in my wet tears and my broken breath
you will stay for all time and hence.

And so I reach in triumph my undeadly sonnet
for which I sing and fill your blood
encouraging our sealed treaty to donate
our true love to all growing flower’s buds.

©kerstin centervall