303344_290406324373352_1702035459_nI will to you be your butterfly

in all colours of the rainbow

beauty with an ease to multiply

and be close to the way you follow.


My wings are blue as your heaven

where brass bells for you will cling

they will lift you to the first session

while in poetry to you I will sing.

I have no real voice to share

my lips are closed when I breathe

and to utter my wishes I don´t dare

the words should instantly from me leave.

 I am however your summer flight

flowing over the voiceless Sea

a mile or two in celestial light

landing in a place of palm trees.

When summer is over I close my eyes

my burning soul would dwell in your sense

my destiny in your motion lies

the beauty I left in your fleshly dress.

©kerstin centervall

I am so sorry that my poem appears in a row instead

of verses which I use in by uploading.

It´s unfair of WordPress.