All flowers I would like to dress you in

to find your heart and your love to win

to cover your head with a silvery wreath

make the ground where you step

to a boundless heath

Your name I will whisper in the silent night

letting all stars give your smile a light

never leave you more alone

uplifting you to a worldly throne

Your being is more like a featherlight garb

with a voice of a clinging harp

with an apparition of a smelling lime

making your vision to an endless time

I hold you tight in my arms to stay

I beg you for a moment of your day

I ask for your deep and soulful eyes

to make me a worthy prize

So let me stay within your wreath

I will give you love and still your heat

with all flowers I will make a dance

for you and me in a whirling trance

©kerstin centervall